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Bamboo knitting needles suitable for knitting the scarves on this site. I have found the bamboo needles to be nice to the touch and light weight but strong. Bamboo holds the yarn a bit more so that it is not as easy to drop stitches off the needles as it sometime is with plastic needles. I have also heard bamboo is supposed to be helpful if you have arthritis but I can guarantee that this is the case.

Please note the 8mm needles are 35cm long the rest are 30cm long. I also have 5mm knitting needles in Aluminium if you would prefer this, just add a note to request alumimium when you go through the checkout.

If you need to convert one size of needle or hook to another eg UK Imperial (or old money as I call it) to metric or American sizes please see the Knitting needle and Crochet hook Conversion Chart

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