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When one of my friends first showed me her Handbag Hook I thought what a great idea, it's very useful and where do I get one! It's also a great gift idea.

Handbag hooks keep your bag clean, safe and secure. This lovely Purple Heart shaped handbag hook comes in a velvet pouch. There is also the added bonus that the hook is big enough to clip around your strap so that it adds a bit of bling and you don't have to rummage inside your handbag to find it.

Unclip the hook and place the Heart on a table (the hook sits directly below the Heart) bar or flat surface. Slip your bag straps over the hook and the non slip back holds the hook and your bag securely in place!

They can cope with the weightiest of bags and are great for:

* Handbags
* Briefcases
* Laptops
* Beach bags
* Baby Changing bags

Will it hold my bag?
You won’t have to compromise on the things you carry with you. The handbag hook is strong enough to hold a bag weighing around 10 - 12lbs (5-6 kg). Most people find this is more than enough to hang their handbag and its contents securely and safely on the edge of the table.

What is the difference between a Handbag hook, a bag Hanger and a purse hook?
The answer is none! They are all the same handbag accessory that allow you to hook your handbag to any table. In the UK the hooks are called Handbag Hooks or Handbag Hangers and in the USA it's a purse hook.

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